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CSC-C3 Stainless10t Capacity

Compression SKU: CSC010TS000XXX
CSC-C3 Stainless10t Capacity product image

The CSC-C3 10t is a compression load cell ideal for tank, hopper and silo applications where long life and stability are prerequisites.

It’s excellent for hostile environments due to its heavy duty stainless steel construction, inbuilt surge protection and IP68 protection rating.

Three different mount kits available for ‘set and forget’ installations

Type 1: Side adjustable restraint in one direction

Type 2: Unique side and uplift restraint

Type 3: Simple top and bottom plates to hold load cell in place, ideal for when the tank or silo is already restrained.

Accessories for this item

Mounting Kit, 0.5~30t Capacity
M-CSC1-30 - For 0.5t~30t
Mounting Kit, 0.5~30t Capacity
M-CSC2-30 - For 0.5t~30t
M-CSC3-30 Mounting Kit
M-CSC3-30 - For 0.5t~30t
Receptors, 0.5t~30t Capacity
M-CSC0-30 - For 0.5t~30t (set of 2)
Conversion for CSC, 5-30t Capacity
M-CSC1-SSC1-25 - Conversion for CSC 5-30t
Conversion for CSC, 5-30t Capacity
M-CSC2-SSC2-25 - For CSC 5-30t
Conversion for CSC, 5-30t Capacity
M-CSC1-SSC1-30 - Conversion for CSC 5-30t
Conversion Kit, CSC 5-30t Capacity
M-CSC2-SSC2-30 - For CSC 5-30t

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