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Conversion Kit, CSC 5-30t Capacity

For CSC 5-30t SKU: M-CSC2-SSC2-30
Conversion Kit, CSC 5-30t Capacity product image

Conversion kit to retrofit CSC load cells into SSC Type 2 Severe Environment Mounts. The M-CSC2-SSC2-30 will enable CSC up to and including 30t to be retrofitted into the M-SSC2-50 Type 2 Severe Environment Mounts.

Refer to the conversion chart in the API below to determine the complete compatibility between various CSC load cells and M-SSC Mounts.

Note that because of different signal outputs you cannot replace just 1 SSC in a multiple load cell scale with a CSC, you need to replace all SSCs in the scale with CSCs.>

To complete your installation

CSC-C3 Stainless 5t Capacity
CSC5000S000XXX - Compression
CSC-C3 Stainless10t Capacity
CSC010TS000XXX - Compression
CSC-C3 Stainless 20t Capacity
CSC020TS000XXX - Compression
CSC-C3 Stainless 25t Capacity
CSC025TS000XXX - Compression
CSC-C3 Stainless 30t Capacity
CSC030TS000XXX - Compression