PT100SB-8 - Summer & Junction Boxes - PT100SB

EP100SB0008XXX - 8 Way Summer Box

Large cd977f725f
  • Liquid tight strain relief cable fittings
  • Accepts cables from 3.5 to 8mm in diameter
  • Accepts 2 to 8 load cell inputs with section trim pots for weighbridge setup
  • Span adjustment pots non-interactive
  • Mounted in weather tight enclosure - IP66

    Signal trim method to maintain load cell temperature compensation and minimise interactions of load cell adjustments. 5 % nominal individual loadcell adjustment 5 % overall span adjustment, no need for indicator re-calibration after cornering 5 % section trim for 6 and 8 cell versions to aid weigh bridge setup. High impact sealed polycarbonate case.
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