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PT Limited is the leading New Zealand Load Cell Manufacturer with over 35 years continuous production and selling to 160 countries around the world. We are ISO9001 certified and manufacture in accordance to OIML standards, and have formal approvals from OIML, NTEP, China, AUS/NZ, CE Marking.

We offer an extensive range of Load Cells, including but not limited to, Low Profile, Tension, Shear Beam, Compression, Miniature Load Cells, Donut Load Cell, and Single Points, all with a wide variety of complimenting accessories and state of the art digital instrumentation.

PT also stock a full range of high accuracy strain gauge pressure transducers manufactured from stainless steel and suitable for many applications in the hydraulics and the process control industries.

Create an online account here Customer Login / Signup to generate your own quote with all the product details plus delivery costs right at your finger tips. It takes no time at all and only requires an email address to activate. Alternatively, email any questions to and someone from our friendly team will be in touch. With our multiple finished goods stores we are able to ship to all parts of the word promptly and efficiently, delivering securely door to door by our industry shipping partners including FedEx. Every PT load cell is individually test and covered by our three year warranty.

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