Load Cells

Single Point, Shearbeam, Tension, Compression, Universal Load Cells

Our premium Load Cells increase accuracy and reliability of weigh systems in demanding applications, which help to reduce long-term servicing and running costs. We offer a load cell that to cover a huge range of weighing and testing applications. Load cells are also used in material testing and destructive testing projects. Our extensive range caters for almost anything, ranging from a load cell with a small capacity of 2.5kg through to the high capacity of a 450T load cell. All load cells can be supplied individually and most can be combined with our range of load cell mount kits and instrumentation to provide a complete weigh system to suit your specifications.

Sub Categories

Beam and Singlepoint Load Cells

Load cell models PT5000, PSB, LS, ASB, PT5100, LCSB, PT9000, PT8000, LCBB, PT1000, PT2000, PT3000

Compression Load Cells

Load cell models 100kg to 450,000kg Model HPC Road/Rail Weighbridge, HCC,SSC,LPX,PT7000 Tanks etc...

Tension/S-Beam Load Cells

Load cell models 20kg to 20,000kg (Models PT4000,ST,AST)

Universal Load Cells

Load cell models 1000kg to 100,000kg Tension or Compression (Model LPCH)

Weigh Bridge Load Cells

Load cell models 10t to 50t. HPC and PT9010WA