Compression Load Cells

Load cell models 100kg to 450,000kg Model HPC Road/Rail Weighbridge, HCC,SSC,LPX,PT7000 Tanks etc...

Compression load cells are also commonly known as canister load cells or compression force sensors. They are used in single and multi-weigh installations including small tanks and hoppers right through to large silos and weigh bridges or any installation that requires compressive force measurements. The PT range of compression load cells is manufactured from tool steel or stainless steel and boast environmental ratings up to IP68. Ideal for high accuracy, a compression load cell is available for small capacity right through to heavy duty applications. Each load cell can be supplied individually or combined with our state of the art instrumentation for a complete weigh system.

Sub Categories

Weighbridge Compression IP68 - HPC

(30t and 45t Stainless Steel IP68) Weighbridge Load Cell

Weighbridge Compression IP67 - HPC

(30t and 45t Stainless Steel IP67) Weighbridge Load Cell

Stainless Compression Loadcell - CSC-C3

(5t~50t stainless steel compression). Tank and hopper with C3 accuracy.

Compression Disk Loadcell - LPX

(100kg~50t) Low Profile Tank, Hopper and Silo use

High Capacity Compression Load Cell - HCC

(90t ~ 450t) Stainless Steel Canister Load Cell

Stainless Low Profile Mini Disk Loadcell - PT7000

(100kg ~ 50t Stainless Steel) Tank, Hopper, and Silo use

Tank/Silo Weighing Assemblies

100kg to 250klb. Accupoint and Others

Weigh Bridge Load Cells

Load cell models 10t to 50t. HPC and PT9010WA