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Compression Load Cells

25kg to 450,000kg Model HPC Road/Rail Weighbridge, HCC,SSC,LPX,PT7000 Tanks etc...

Sub Categories

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HPC Compression

(30t & 45t Stainless Steel IP68) Weighbridge.

HPC - IP67 sealed

(30t & 45t) Weighbridge, hopper, tank.


(10t ~ 50t stainless steel weigh bridge). Low profile weighbridge.

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(5t ~ 50t stainless steel compression). Tank and hopper with C3 accuracy.

LPX Compression

(100kg~50t) Tank & Hopper use (Low Profile).

HCC High Capacity Compression

(90t ~ 450t)

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PT7000 Low Profile Mini Disk-Stainless

(100kg~50t Stainless Steel) Tank & Hopper use.

Tank/Silo Weighing Assemblies

100kg to 250klb. Accupoint and Others

Weigh Bridge Load Cells

10t to 50t. HPC and PT9010WA