M-CSC1-30 Mounting Kit - Full Mounting Assemblies.

M-CSC1-30 - For 0.5t~30t

This type 1 mount is ideal for tanks and hoppers and offers up to 20kN restraint in one horizontal direction while allowing the load cell freedom to accurately measure the load.

To provide full horizontal restraint of the weighing vessel the type 1 mount can be used in multiples or can be used together with the type 3 mount (note the different fixing dimensions.)

The mount is easily installed and protected with a durable 2 coat paint system meeting ISO12944/C4, medium exposure, for extended life.

Mount shown with load cell fitted for demonstration purposes only. Load cell ordered separately.

To complete your installation

CSC-C3-5t Stainless
CSC5000S000XXX - Compression
CSC-C3-10t Stainless
CSC010TS000XXX - Compression
CSC-C3-20t Stainless
CSC020TS000XXX - Compression
CSC-C3-25t Stainless
CSC025TS000XXX - Compression
CSC-C3-30t Stainless
CSC030TS000XXX - Compression