Product Range

Extensive selection of load cells, indicators, scales and equipment.


Sub Categories

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Indicators & Displays

PT272, PT253, PT210, PT252, RD5, PT200MI, PT320BC, PT200, PT600, Etc. NEW

Conditioners And Transmitters

PT110LC, PT111LC, PT112LC, PT113 series, PT100LC.

Beam and Singlepoint Load Cells

PT5000, PSB, LS, ASB, PT5100, LCSB, PT9000, PT8000, LCBB, PT1000, PT2000, PT3000


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Compression Load Cells

25kg to 450,000kg Model HPC Road/Rail Weighbridge, HCC,SSC,LPX,PT7000 Tanks etc...

Tension/S-Beam Load Cells

20kg to 20,000kg (Models PT4000,ST,AST)

Universal Load Cells

1000kg to 100,000kg Tension or Compression (Model LPC)

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Tank/Silo Weighing Assemblies

100kg to 250klb. Accupoint and Others

Weigh Bridge Load Cells

10t to 50t. HPC and PT9010WA

Special Purpose and Shackle Pins

5t-200t, PT9011OVL, SLSP, HCSS

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Pressure Transducers

Pressure Transducers HPT02, HPT03, HPT04

Test and Calibration

Test weights and Calibrators

Options and Accessories

For Load Cells and Indicators

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Junction Boxes, Surge Arrestors etc.

Load Cell Conditioners, Junction Boxes, Surge Arrestors etc.