HPC-45 45000kg IP67 - Compression IP67 Sealed Weighbridge - HPC

HPM045TT000XXX - Compression

Large 676009969a

HPC truckcell 

A lower cost specialist weighbridge load cell, retaining the same accuracy and repeatability as all HPC truckcell compression load cells.

The HPC (High Precision Compression) is a state of the art measurement device. It’s highly sophisticated and super sensitive electronics are housed in a rugged fully stainless steel enclosure (IP67). Fitted with anti-rotation mechanism and inert gas filled for component longevity. Totally compatible and interchangeable with all 2 mV/V HPC's.

Accessories for this item

Tiny 5aa40e8092 2 pcs Load Receptors
Tiny 83f11b5d4d 2pc RETAINING PLATE HPC
A-HPCRET - Holds the receptor cups
Tiny 02e2df3fe4 Earth Bonding Strap
A-HPCETH - For HPC Mount, PT90
Tiny b8b0ead98f Complete Mount

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