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HPC-45 Compression, 45000kg Capacity

Compression SKU: HPM045TS000XXX
HPC-45 Compression, 45000kg Capacity product image
A purpose built specialist weighbridge load cell. The HPC-45 45000kg (High Precision Compression) is a state of the art measurement device. It’s highly sophisticated and super sensitive electronics are housed in a rugged fully stainless steel enclosure. Fitted with power surge arrestors, anti-rotation mechanism and inert gas filled for component longevity, the HPC provides a true IP68 enclosure rating with more than 300 hours protection at 1.5m immersion.

Purpose designed to meet the needs of the weighbridge and truck scale manufacturer, the cell is supplied in two optimum capacities of 30t and 45t.

To ensure the exceptional performance of the HPC is optimised, PT offer specially designed mounting accessories.

The HPC has formal approval in many countries for both capacities. It has a three-year warranty and is supplied individually packed with a detailed accuracy certificate traceable by serial number.

Accessories for this item

2 pcs Load Receptors for HPC
A-HPCRET - Holds the receptor cups
Earth Bonding Strap for HPC Mount, PT90
A-HPCETH - For HPC Mount, PT90
Complete Mount, for HPC

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