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Announcement: PT at COVID level 4. As a registered essential supplier PT are open for ordering and most of our products are ready to ship.

Full Mounting Assemblies.

PT Have a full range of full mounting assemblies. PT Blue Mounts are second only in our range to stainless steel for durability with a C4-Medium exposure compliant coating system.

Complete Mount, for HPC
Upgrade Plate, 100kg-1t Capacity
M-70MUP-1 - Stainless Steel
Upgrade Plate, 2500kg Capacity
M-70MUP-2 - Stainless Steel
Upgrade Plate 10t
M-70MUP-10 - Stainless Steel
Upgrade Plate, 25t Capacity
M-70MUP-25 - Stainless Steel
Upgrade Plate, 50t Capacity
M-70MUP-50 - Stainless Steel
Compression Mounting Kit, 5t Capacity
M-LPC-5 - For LPCH 1t to 5t
Compression Mounting Kit, 25t Capacity
M-LPC-25 - For LPCH 10t/25t
Compression Mounting Kit, 50t Capacity
M-LPC-50 - For LPCH 50t
Compression Mounting Kit, 100t Capacity
M-LPC-100 - For LPCH 100t
Restraining Mount, 25kg~2.5t Capacity
M-LPXR-2 - For LPX 25kg to 2.5t
Restraining Mount, 5~10t Capacity
M-LPXR-10 - For LPX 5t to 10t
Restraining Mount, 25t Capacity
M-LPXR-25 - For LPX-25t
Restraining Mount, 50t Capacity
M-LPXR-50 - For LPX-50t
Mounting Kit, 50kg-1t Capacity
M-LS-1 - For LS 50kg to 1t
Mounting Kit, 2.5t Capacity
M-LS-2 - For LS 2.5t
Mounting Kit, 5t Capacity
M-LS-5 - For LS 5t
Mounting Kit, 10t Capacity
M-LS-10 - For LS 10t
Mounting Kit for PSB, 250kg-1t Capacity
M-PSB-1 - For PSB 250kg to 1t
Mounting Kit for PSB, 2.5-5t Capacity
M-PSB-5 - For PSB 2.5t to 5t
Mounting Kit PSB, 10t Capacity
M-PSB-10 - For PSB 10t
Mounting Kit Type 1 for SSC, 5t-20t Capacity
M-SSC1-20 - For SSC 5t to 20t
Mounting Kit Type1 CSC, 0.5t-30t Capacity
M-SSC1-50 - SSC-30/50t, CSC-0.5t~30t
Mounting Kit Type2 SSC, 5t-20t Capacity
M-SSC2-20 - For SSC 5t to 20t
Mounting Kit Type2 SSC, 30-50t
M-SSC2-50 - For SSC30t to 50t
Mounting Kit Type3 SSC, 5-20t
M-SSC3-20 - For SSC5t to 20t
Mounting Kit Type3 SSC, 30-50t
M-SSC3-50 - For SSC30t to 50t
Tension Mounting Kit LPCH, 1 & 2.5t Capacity
M-TK-2.5 - For LPCH 1t and 2.5t
Tension Mounting Kit LPCH, 5t Capacity
M-TK-5 - For LPCH 5t
Tension Mounting Kit, 10t Capacity
M-TK-10 - For LPCH 10t
Tension Mounting Kit LPCH, 25t Capacity
M-TK-25 - For LPCH 25t
Tension Mounting Kit LPCH, 50t Capacity
M-TK-50 - For LPCH 50t
Tension Mounting Kit LPCH, 100t Capacity
M-TK-100 - For LPCH 100t
Mounting Kit, 0.5~30t Capacity
M-CSC1-30 - For 0.5t~30t
Mounting Kit, 40~50t Capacity
M-CSC1-50 - For 40t~50t
Mounting Kit, 0.5~30t Capacity
M-CSC2-30 - For 0.5t~30t
Mounting Kit, 40~50t Capacity
M-CSC2-50 - For 40t~50t
M-CSC3-30 Mounting Kit
M-CSC3-30 - For 0.5t~30t
Mounting Kit, 40~50t Capacity
M-CSC3-50 - For 40t~50t
Receptors, 40~50t Capacity
M-CSC0-50 - For 40~50t (SET OF 2)
Receptors, 0.5t~30t Capacity
M-CSC0-30 - For 0.5t~30t (set of 2)
Conversion for CSC, 5-30t Capacity
M-CSC1-SSC1-25 - Conversion for CSC 5-30t
Conversion for CSC, 5-30t Capacity
M-CSC1-SSC1-30 - Conversion for CSC 5-30t
Conversion for CSC, 40-50t Capacity
M-CSC1-SSC1-50 - Conversion for CSC 40-50t
Conversion for CSC, 5-30t Capacity
M-CSC2-SSC2-25 - For CSC 5-30t
Conversion Kit, CSC 5-30t Capacity
M-CSC2-SSC2-30 - For CSC 5-30t
Conversion Kit, CSC 40~50t Capacity
M-CSC2-SSC2-50 - For CSC 40~50t
Restraining Mount for PT8000/LCBB 5-250kg
M-BBR - Restraining Bending Beam Mount 5-250kg
Restraining Mount for LCBB >250kg
M-BBR-5 - Restraining Bending Beam Mount >250kg
Standard Mount for PT8000/LCBB 5-250kg
M-BBS - Standard Bending Beam Mount 5-250kg
Standard Mount for PT8000/LCBB >250kg
M-BBS-5 - Standard Mount for PT8000/LCBB >250kg