Load Cell Accessories

(Load Cell Mounting Kits, Load Cell Components, Load Cell Consumables)

The best way to select the correct option or accessory is to look at our available accessories, which can be found listed on our website. Every product will provide this information, as to which accessories are required for each product. We offer a substantial collection of weigh system components including but not limited to load buttons, cups, sockets and swivel feet as well as tension mounting accessories. Discover our extensive range of options and accessories for digital indicators as well as full mount kits for load cells.

Sub Categories

Full Mounting Assemblies.

Load Buttons, Cups, Sockets & Receptors.

Swivel Feet

Tension Mounting Accessories

Eye Bolts, Rod End Bearings, Bow Shackles & Clevis Connectors.

Consumables (Cable etc.)

(ID Tags, Cable, Cable Joint kits...)

Other Items

Pins, Balls & Cups, Earth Straps, Retainer Plates etc.