LPCH-1 1000kg M12 PLUG - Universal High Accuracy Pancake Loadcell - LPCH

LPM1000T000XX1 - Universal Standard

A heavy duty workhorse, the LPCH universal low profile load cell can   be used in tension or compression depending upon the accessories used, these include a load button for compression measurement. Two rod end bearings and a tension base (bolts supplied with base) are required for standard suspension/tension measurement. See accessories below the main load cell product. The LPCH has improved performance, is recessed for fixing with cap screws and is equipped with a standard M12 sensor connector to simplify installation. Note: Only a connector is supplied with this load cell. If cable is required please select from the related products cable packs.

Accessories for this item

Tension Base
A-TB-5 - For LPCH 1T-5T incl Bolts
Rod End Bearing 0.625",
A-RE0.625-2N - Used on LPC 1T-2.5T
Compression Mounting Kit
M-LPC-5 - For LPCH 1t to 5t
Load Button 0.625" thread
A-LB0.625 - Used on LPC 1T-5T
Tension Mounting Kit
M-TK-2.5 - For LPCH 1t and 2.5t

To complete your installation

10 metre pack 5.5
A-6C5.5-X010 - Load Cell Cable
50 metre pack 5.5
A-6C5.5-X050 - Load Cell Cable
100 metre pack 5.5
A-6C5.5-X100 - Load Cell Cable
10 metre pack 7.5
A-6C7.5-0010 - Load Cell Cable
50 metre pack 7.5
A-6C7.5-0050 - Load Cell Cable
100 metre pack 7.5
A-6C7.5-0100 - Load Cell Cable

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