PT111LC Analogue

Load Cell Conditioner SKU: EP111LC0000XXX
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The PT110LC and PT111LC are DIN rail mounted micro-controller based analogue load cell transmitters. They have very high accuracy and long term stability with advanced design.
Using an up to-date delta-sigma ADC and 16 bit DAC to achieve higher speed and accuracy these instruments give the system designers a lot of advantages towards increasing system reliability and reducing the installation and service times. All instruments’ analogue outputs are matched during production to simplify calibration with a PLC and to simplify exchanging the instrument without recalibration in service when initial adjustment has been performed in the PLC.

There are 8 position rotary switches and annunciator LEDs on the front panel of the instruments. The upper rotary switch adjusts the empty scale’s analogue output level (zero adjustment) and the lower rotary switch adjusts the gain of the instrument (span).

Additionally the PT111LC has 2 set point relay outputs for process control or alarms, more analogue output options and and an RS232 port for configuration via PC and AzCom software.

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