Low Profile Shearbeam:P LS-2500, 2500kg Capacity

Low Profile Shearbeam SKU: LSM2500T000XXX
Low Profile Shearbeam:P LS-2500, 2500kg Capacity product image

The LS 2500kg is an electroless nickel plated tool and one of the few true low profile steel shearbeam load cells.

If height is an issue with your application, consider using a 1000kg shearbeam at only 24mm high. Similar space savings are seen across the complete LS series. Known and recognised by its keyhole feature the LS is used extensively in Airport Baggage Scales and all types of Above and In ground Platform Weighing Scales. With one of the worlds largest capacity spreads in a single model the LS is available from 50kg to 10,000kg in 8 capacities.


Accessories for this item

Tiny preview of Load Button 20mm OD Load Button 20mm OD
A-LB20 - Used on LS 2.5t
Tiny preview of Swivel Foot M12 Stainless Swivel Foot M12 Stainless
A-SFM12 - Premium Performance
Tiny preview of Load Socket 20mm OD Load Socket 20mm OD
A-LS20 - Used on various
Tiny preview of Mounting Kit, 2.5t Capacity Mounting Kit, 2.5t Capacity
M-LS-2 - For LS 2.5t
Tiny preview of Free Motion Unit Free Motion Unit
A-BC20 - Free Motion Unit

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