Shear Beam Load Cells

50kg to 10,000kg (Models PT5000, PT5100,PSB,LS,ASB,LCSB)

Sub Categories

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Square Shearbeam - LCSB

(500kg~10000kg Nickel Plated Tool Steel) IP67 Shear Beam No 1 selling model

Stainless Shearbeam - PT5100

(500kg to 5000kg Stainless Steel) IP68 Shear Beam

Double-ended Shearbeam - PT9000

(20klb to 150klb Nickel Plated Tool Steel) Dual Shear Beam

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Square Shearbeam - PT5000

(250kg~5t, 500lb~10klb Nickel Plated Tool Steel) Shearbeam for general scales.

Precision Shearbeam - PSB

(250kg~10t Nickel Plated Tool Steel) Australasian standard shearbeam.

Low Profile Shearbeam - LS

(50kg~10t Nickel Plated Tool Steel) Lower profile standard.

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Aluminium Shearbeam - ASB

(125kg~1000kg Anodised Aluminum) Lower cost general shearbeam.