Shear Beam Load Cells

50kg to 10,000kg (Models PT5000, PT5100,PSB,LS,ASB,LCSB)

Shear Beam Load Cells are commonly known as beam load cells. They’re ideal for a wide range of applications such as platform scales or fixed suspended weigh systems, process weighing and low profile installations. Shear beams are used in industries which goods are produced or transformed. Our range is available in stainless steel, nickle plated tool steel and anodised aluminum with environmental ratings up to IP68. All load cells can be supplied individually or combined with our state of the art instrumentation for a complete weigh system.

Sub Categories

Low Profile Shearbeam - LS

(50kg~10t Nickel Plated Tool Steel) Lower profile standard.

Precision Shearbeam - PSB

(250kg~10t Nickel Plated Tool Steel) Australasian standard shearbeam.

Square Shearbeam - PT5000

(250kg~5t, 500lb~10klb Nickel Plated Tool Steel) Shearbeam for general scales.

Square Shearbeam - LCSB

(500kg~10000kg Nickel Plated Tool Steel) IP67 Shear Beam No 1 selling model

Stainless Shearbeam - PT5100

(500kg ~ 5000kg) IP68 Shear Beam Load Cell

Aluminium Shearbeam - ASB

(125kg~1000kg Anodised Aluminum) Lower cost general shearbeam.

Double-ended Shearbeam - PT9000

(20klb to 150klb Nickel Plated Tool Steel) Dual Shear Beam