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PT600R Modular Indicator

PT600R Analogue Configuration SKU: EP600RI0050XXX
PT600R Modular Indicator  product image

Modular Mains Powered Desk Mount Indicator, Analogue Configuration

Modular Panel Mount Indicator for general purpose use
Advanced printing functionality
Multi line display (Main 29mm)
Counting/Piece Weights
10 Products storage

On board RS232 Bidirectional
On board RS485 Transmit only
10,000d Approved (pending)
100,000 display divisions
0.25u V/division @ 7.4Vexcitation
16 x 350 ohm load cells
Real time clock
Sampling at 50Hz
Response time <10mSec
Power 110-240VAC Input

opto-LINK (Optional optical cable compatible)
Viewer Program Software (Freeware software for setup and diagnostics)

This is the PT600R Analogue Configuration consisting of the PT600R Modular Indicator, Back Shell & Desk Stand, Analogue Module and AC Power Supply Module. Depending upon its configuration the PT600R is ideal for the following applications: Weighbridges,Platforms,Counting,Totalizing,Material Testing,Batching,Grading.

Accessories for this item

RS232 Option
EO600RIOP1X232 - M4201 -Used on PT600R
RS485 Option
EO600RIOP2X485 - M4203 -Used on PT600R
Transistor Digital I/O
EO600RIOP3XDIO - M4301 -Used on PT600R
Analogue Module mA or V
EO600RIOP4XANA - M4401 -Used on PT600R
EO600RIOP5XDSD - Used on PT600R
AC Power Supply Module
EO600RIOP6XACP - M4104 110-240VAC PT600R
Button Module 4 inputs
EO600RIOP7XBUT - M4302 -used on PT600R
RS232/RS485 Option
EO600RIOP8XSER - M4202 -Used on PT600R
Serial Con RS232-RS485
EP100SC0080XXX - Converter (Not Multidrop)
Serial Con RS232-20mA
EP100SC0081XXX - Current Loop Converter
Opto-link Data Cable DB9
EP200ROPTOLINK - Used on PT200/PT600R/200X
Opto-link Data Cable USB
EP200ROPTOLUSB - Used on PT200/PT600R/200X
Desk Mount - PT600R
EP600DESKMOUNT - Used on PT600R
Viewer Program Software
EP600VIEWERPRO - Free of charge
Wall Bracket
EP600WALLBRACK - Wall Bracket

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