Advanced Function Digital Weighing Indicator - PT600R

The PT600R series indicators feature an innovative new design concept combined with many important technological improvements that are totally new to the weighing industry.

The exceptionally large LCD display (29mm main digits) is complemented by super-bright LED backlighting to ensure easy reading in all lighting conditions (including bright sunlight).

The silicone keypads offer superb feedback with a precise soft-touch operation. There are three assignable function keys to alleviate confusion when performing special keystroke operations.

Pdf_icon PT600R Datasheet
Product Brochure and Specifications


Zero Cancellation
Span Adjustment
Max Total Load Cell Resistance
A/D Type
Operating Environment
Case Materials
Packing Weight
Battery Backed Clock Calendar
Assignable Function Keys
Up to 100,000 divisions.
Min of 0.25µV/Division
± 2mV/V
0.1mV/V ~ 3mV/V
Zero < 0.1µV/°C ( + 8ppm
Deadload Max)
< 8ppm/°C
< 20ppm
< 0.2µVp-p
7.4V for up to 16 x 350 or 32 x 700Ω
Load Cells
(4-wire or 6-wire plus shield)
24bit Sigma Delta with
± 8.388,608 internal Counts
-10 ~ 50°C Ambient Temperature
< 90% Non-Condensing Humidity
-20 ~ 50°C Ambient Storage
IP55 when panel mounted, or
with rear boot (otherwise IP40)
ABS, Silicone Rubber, Nylon,
Acrylic (no halogen used)
Basic Indicator 0.6kg
Battery Life 10 Years Minimum
Printing, Unit Switching, Counting,
Manual Hold, Peak Hold, Totalising.
LCD (with 4 Alpha-numeric Displ
Primary Display
2nd Display
3rd Display
4th Display
Setup & Calibration
Digital Filter
Zero Range
Standard Power Input
Optical Data Communications
Serial Outputs (Standard)
LED Backlit
6 x 28.4mm High Digits
With Units & Annunciators
9 x 17.6mm digits with units.
8 x 6.1mm digits
4 x 7.6mm digits
Full Digital. Visual Prompting
In Plain Messages
Sliding Window Average
0.1 ~ 30 seconds
Adjustable ±2 ~ 20%
Full Capacity
12 ~ 24V DC (15 VA max)
With Memory Feature
110/240V AC 50/60HZ Input
12V DC 15VA Output
Magnetically coupled optical
communications support with
optional conversion cable
which connects directly into
a standard RS-232 Port
Ten Point Linearity Correction
RS-485 transmit only for
remote display RS-232 serial
port for remote display,
network or printer supports
transmission rate: 2400, 4800,
9600 or 19200 Baud
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