Opto-link Data Cable USB

Used on PT200/PT600R/200X SKU: EP200ROPTOLUSB
Opto-link Data Cable USB product image

Give your installation and service operation a more professional approach to calibration and configuration. Save time, improve accuracy and increase the value of your customer service options by uploading customers original calibration files from your saved files at any time.

The opto-link is an opto-isolated Data Coupling cable that connects to the USB port on your PC. The link itself has a USB connector at one end and a simple infrared magnetic setup port at the other that is placed on the front of your digital display.

With PT’s software viewer program you can access the setup and calibration of one or multiple digital indicators. With simple point and click set up, you can configure your digital indicator and save the setup files. Great for after sales service or troubleshooting, you can upload and download the configuration files to/from other indicators. Monitor and log weighing operations. The viewer software is available free of charge.