PT600R Weighbridge Config - Advanced Function Digital Weighing Indicator - PT600R

EP600RI0030XXX - PT600R Weighbridge Config

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Modular Mains Powered Desk Mount Indicator, Weighbridge Configuration.

Modular Panel Mount Indicator for general purpose use
Advanced printing functionality
Multi line display (Main 29mm)
Counting/Piece Weights
10 Products storage

On board RS232 Bidirectional
On board RS485 Transmit only
10,000d Approved (pending)
100,000 display divisions
0.25u V/division @ 7.4Vexcitation
16 x 350 ohm load cells
Real time clock
Sampling at 50Hz
Response time <10mSec
Power 110-240VAC Input

opto-LINK (Optional optical cable compatible)
Viewer Program Software (Freeware software for setup and diagnostics)

This is the PT600R Weighbridge Configuration consisting of the PT600R Modular Indicator, Back Shell & Desk Stand, RS232/R232 Opto Isolated Module and AC Power Supply Module. Depending upon its configuration the PT600R is ideal for the following applications: Weighbridges,Platforms,Counting,Totalizing,Material Testing,Batching,Grading.

Accessories for this item

Tiny 315bc3f5b5 Transistor Digital I/O
EO600RIOP3XDIO - M4301 -Used on PT600R
Tiny 315bc3f5b5 RS232 Option
EO600RIOP1X232 - M4201 -Used on PT600R
Tiny 315bc3f5b5 RS485 Option
EO600RIOP2X485 - M4203 -Used on PT600R
Tiny 315bc3f5b5 Analogue Module mA or V
EO600RIOP4XANA - M4401 -Used on PT600R
Tiny 315bc3f5b5 DSD MODULE
EO600RIOP5XDSD - Used on PT600R
Tiny 1f4194b05b AC Power Supply Module
EO600RIOP6XACP - M4104 110-240VAC PT600R
Tiny 315bc3f5b5 Button Module 4 inputs
EO600RIOP7XBUT - M4302 -used on PT600R
Tiny 315bc3f5b5 RS232/RS485 Option
EO600RIOP8XSER - M4202 -Used on PT600R
Tiny e25ee2548b Serial Con RS232-RS485
EP100SC0080XXX - Converter (Not Multidrop)
Tiny dce3f41351 Serial Con RS232-20mA
EP100SC0081XXX - Current Loop Converter
Tiny Opto-link Data Cable DB9
EP200ROPTOLINK - Used on PT200/PT600R/200X
Tiny Opto-link Data Cable USB
EP200ROPTOLUSB - Used on PT200/PT600R/200X
Tiny e72184b1bf Desk Mount
EP600DESKMOUNT - Used on PT600R
Tiny 35d4121d60 Viewer Program Software
EP600VIEWERPRO - Free of charge
Tiny 3029e32634 Wall Bracket
EP600WALLBRACK - Wall Bracket

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