PT7000-1000KG - Stainless Low Profile Mini Disk Loadcell - PT7000

70M1000S000XXX - Mini Disk Stainless IP68

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The PT7000 welded stainless mini-disk is the long awaited IP68 stainless mini-disk, it is perfect for upgrading existing systems or installing new higher protection and performance weighing systems.

Utilizing similar high technology welding techniques as used on the world famous HPC truckcell the PT7000 is simply the best low profile sealed stainless compression cell we have ever offered. Suitable for tanks, hoppers, silo’s and most industrial-weighing projects the PT7000 can be mixed* with existing LPX models if a full cell upgrade is not wanted. A neat feature with the upgrade is that the PT7000 no longer bolts through the bottom plate, it is a simple drop in load cell making it easy to remove for repairs or maintenance.

*Note when mixing cells the upgrade plate is required to maintain exact LPX replacement detail.

Accessories for this item

Tiny 5fd51fdd88 Load Socket 20mm OD
A-LS20 - Used on various
Tiny 07e03d8443 Upgrade Plate 100kg-1t
M-70MUP-1 - Upgrade Plate 100kg-1t

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