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Load Buttons, Cups, Sockets & Receptors.

Bottom Receptor for HPC
Anti-rotation Receptor
2 pcs Load Receptors for HPC
Load Button 0.25" thread
A-LB0.250 - Used on ST, PT4000
Load Button 0.5" thread
A-LB0.500 - Used on ST,PT4000
Load Button 0.625" thread
A-LB0.625 - Used on LPC 1T-5T
Load Button 0.75" thread
A-LB0.750 - Used on ST, PT4000
Load Button 1.25" thread
A-LB1.250 - Used on ST,PT4000,LPCH
Load Button 1.750" thread
A-LB1.750 - Used on LPCH 50t
Load Button 2.750" thread
A-LB2.750 - Used on LPC100t
Load Button 16mm OD
A-LB16 - Used on PT8000 & LCBB
Load Button 20mm OD
A-LB20 - Used on LS 2.5t
Load Button 30mm OD
A-LB30 - Used on LS5T,PSB2.5T-5T
Load Button 40mm OD
A-LB40 - Used on LS10T,PSB10T
Load Button M8 thread
A-LBM8 - Used on PT4000-20kg-100kg
Load Button M12 thread
A-LBM12 - Used on Various
Load Button M18 Thread
A-LBM18 - Load Button M18 Thread
Load Button M20 thread
A-LBM20 - Used on PT4000-2000kg
Load Button M24 thread
A-LBM24 - Used on PT4000 3T & 5T
Load Socket 20mm OD
A-LS20 - Used on various
Load Socket 30mm OD
A-LS30 - Used on LS,ST,PT4000
Load Socket 40mm OD
A-LS40 - Used on LS,ST,PSB
Load Socket
A-LS50 - Used on LPC 1T-5T
Load Socket
A-LS75 - Used on LPC 10T-25T
Load Socket
A-LS100 - Used on LPC 50T
Load Socket
A-LS150 - Used on LPC 100T
Load socket for PT7000 and LPX 25t
A-LS50A - Load socket for PT7000 and LPX 25t