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Announcement: PT at COVID level 4. As a registered essential supplier PT are open for ordering and most of our products are ready to ship.

Tension Mounting Accessories

Eye Bolts, Rod End Bearings, Bow Shackles & Clevis Connectors.
Rod End M8 thread
A-REM8N - Used on PT4000-20kg-100kg
Rod End M12
A-REM12N - Used on various
Rod End M20 thread
A-REM20N - Used on PT4000-2000kg
Rod End M24x2 thread
A-REM24N - Used on PT4000 3000 - 5000kg
Rod End Bearing.25"thread
A-RE0.250N - Used on ST,PT4000
Rod End Bearing 5/16
A-RE0.3125NN - Used on PT8000
Rod End Bearing.50"thread
A-RE0.500N - Used on ST, PT4000
Rod End Bearing.50"thread
A-RE0.500-2N - Used on PT4000-3000lb
Rod End Bearing 0.625",
A-RE0.625-2N - Used on LPC 1T-2.5T
Rod End Bearing .625",
A-RE0.625-5N - Used on LPC 5T
Rod End Bearing.75"thread
A-RE0.750-2N - Used on ST, PT4000
Rod End Bearing.75"thread
A-RE0.750-5N - Used on ST5T,PT4000-10klb
Rod End 1.25" thread
A-RE1.250-10N - Used on ST,LPCH,PT4000
Rod End 1.25" thread
A-RE1.250-25N - Used on ST20T,LPCH 25T
Clevis 1.750" thread
A-RE1.750-50N - Used on LPCH 50T
Clevis 2.750" thread
A-RE2.750-100N - Used on LPC 100T
Galv Shackle, 6.5t Capacity
SHA-CKL-6.5T - Green Pin safety bow
Galv Shackle, 12t Capacity
SHA-CKL-12T - Green Pin safety bow
Galv Shackle, 25t Capacity
SHA-CKL-25T - Green Pin safety bow
Galv Shackle, 55t Capacity
SHA-CKL-55T - Green Pin safety bow