Popular Standard Weighing Indicator Series - PT200M/P

The PT200M and PT200P Series digital weight indicators offer high levels of performance and functionality by combining all the very latest advances in weighing technology into one compact package.

A powerful 24 bit Sigma-Delta A/D converter ensures fast and accurate weight readings are attained.

The four layer, surface mount PCB offers low power consumption and extreme durability under harsh operating conditions.

Comprehensive setup and calibration functions are displayed in plain text for clear understanding by the installer.

The software auto-detects the type of power input (plug-pack or internal batteries) and alters the power saving functions accordingly.

PT200M & PT200P Functions
  • Totalising
  • High/low level control
  • Clock &  calendar memory
  • lb/kg switching
  • Live weight
  • Peak Hold
  • Counting


  • 30,000 displayed divisions
  • 12~24V DC input with power on/off
  • Key 20mm LCD with LED backlighting
  • Sealed membrane keypad (PT200P)
  • Silicon keypad (PT200M)
  • Function key (PT200M/P)
  • RS-232 serial output (PT200M/P)
  • 2 Isolated transistor outputs (PT200M/P)
  • Panel mount, desk stand, pole/wall bracket
  • LED backlighting
  • Easy setup, no soldering
  • 4 layer surface mount PCB
  • Built-in EMC protection
  • CE approved
Pdf_icon PT200M/P Series Datasheet
Product Brochure and Specifications


Zero Cancellation
Span Adjustment
A/D Type
A/D Conversion Rate
Operating Environment
Setup & Calibration
Digital Filter
Zero Range

Up to 30,000 Divisions,
Minimum of 0.25µV/Division,
 20 Updates/Second
(Trade 4000 Divns. at 0.8µ/Division)
0.1mV/V - 3.0mV/V Full Scale
Zero < 0.1µV/°C (+8ppm Deadload
Max), Span< 8ppm/°C,
Linearity< 20ppm, Noise< 0.2µVp-p
5V for up to 4 x 350Ω or 8 x 700Ω
Load Cells (4-wire or 6-wire
plus shield), Max Total Load Cell
Resistance 1.000Ω
24bit Sigma Delta
with 8,388,608 Internal Counts
20Hz with FIR Filtering . 80dB
-10 ~ 50°C Ambient Temperature,
> 90% Non-Condensing Humidity,
-20 ~ 50°C Ambient Storage
IP55 when panel mounted
Full Digital
Visual Prompting in Plain Messages
Sliding Window
Average 0.1 ~ 4 seconds
Adjustable 2 ~ 20% Full Capacity
Standard Power Input
AC Plug Pack
opto-LINK Data Coupling
Case Materials
PT200M Extra Features
Linearity Correction
RS-232 Automatic Transmit
Assignable Function Key
    2 Isolated Transistor Drive Outputs
Battery Backed Clock Calendar
PT200P Extra Features
Packing Weights
LED Backlit LCD, Six 20mm High
Digits With Units & Annunciators
12 ~ 24V DC (2.5 VA max),
ON/OFF Key With Memory Feature
110/240V AC 50/60HZ Input
12V DC 0.5A Output (optional)
4 x A4 (Alkaline/Rechargeable NiMH,
 NiCad, etc. (optionsal)
Infra-red Connector
Optional opto-LINK
(PC RS-232 Port Cable)
PT200M: ABS, Silicon
Rubber,  Nylon, Acrylic
(no halogen used)
(see below)
5 point
For Network or Printer Outputs
Transmission Rate: 2400, 4800
or 9600 Baud
Unit Switching, Counting, Manual Hold
Peak Hold, Live Weight and Totalising
300mA Total At 50V DC
Battery Life 10 years Minimum
Equivalent to PT200M with IP65
Stainless Steel Housing
Basic Indicator
PT200M: 0.34kg
PT200P: 2.4kg
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