PT200P Panel Mnt Indicat - Popular Standard Weighing Indicator Series - PT200M/P

EP200PMI000XXX - Stainless Steel 12 VDC

The PT200 Series digital weight indicators offer high levels of performance and functionality by combining all the very latest advances in weighing technology into one compact package. A powerful 24 bit Sigma-Delta A/D converter ensures fast and accurate weight readings are attained. The four layer, surface mount PCB offers low power consumption and extreme durability under harsh operating conditions. Comprehensive setup and calibration functions are displayed in plain text for clear understanding by the installer. The software auto-detects the type of power input (plug-pack or internal batteries) and alters the power saving functions accordingly.

Accessories for this item

Serial Con RS232-RS485
EP100SC0080XXX - Converter (Not Multidrop)
Serial Con RS232-20mA
EP100SC0081XXX - Current Loop Converter