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PT200M Digital Indicator

Multifunction Desk Mount SKU: EP200MI0010XXX
PT200M Digital Indicator product image

PT200M Multi-Function Indicator

The PT200M Multi-Function is the very latest design indicator, it has many built-in functions allowing it to be used for almost any weighing application, including, Counting, Hold&Peak Hold, Totalizing, Live Weighing and High/Low Level Control.

The PT200M utilizes the powerful Sigma~Delta A/D Converter and 4 layer surface mount technology and has a RS-232 serial output for printing, continuous output or basic network polling. There are two transistor drive outputs available for setpoints or High/Low Level Control uses.

The 20mm LCD display has LED backlighting for easy viewing in all lighting conditions. All cable connections are via special spring-locking push terminals for ease of installation (no soldering required) and permanence.

There is an OPTO-LINK infra-red port designed into the display for PC access to all setup and calibration functions.

Accessories for this item

Serial Con RS232-RS485
EP100SC0080XXX - Converter (Not Multidrop)
Serial Con RS232-20mA
EP100SC0081XXX - Current Loop Converter
Desk Mount
EP200DESKMOUNT - Desk Mount
Clear Protective Cover
EP200KEYBOACOV - Used on PT200R & PT200M
Opto-link Data Cable DB9
EP200ROPTOLINK - Used on PT200/PT600R/200X
Opto-link Data Cable USB
EP200ROPTOLUSB - Used on PT200/PT600R/200X
Wall Bracket
EP200RWALLBRACK - Used on PT200 desk mount
Viewer Program Software
EP200VIEWERPRO - Free of charge
AC Adapter PT200M UK
EOPOWERSUPUKXX - 100-240v~0.7A,50-60Hz
AC Adapter PT200M USA
EOPOWERSUPUSXX - 100-240V~,0.7A, 50-60Hz
AC Adapter PT200M EU
EOPOWERSUPEUXX - 100-240V~0.7A 50-60Hz

To complete your installation

RD5 57mm Remote Display
EPRD51000AUXXX - Seven Segment Bright LED

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