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Weighbridge Compression IP68 - HPC

(30t and 45t Stainless Steel IP68) Weighbridge Load Cell
The HPC (High Precision Compression) is a state of the art measurement device. It’s highly sophisticated and super sensitive electronics are housed in a rugged fully stainless steel enclosure. Fitted with power surge arrestors, anti-rotation mechanism and inert gas filled for component longevity, the HPC provides a true IP68 enclosure rating with more than 300 hours protection at 1.5m immersion.

Purpose designed to meet the needs of the weighbridge and truck scale manufacturer, the cell is supplied in two optimum capacities of 30t and 45t.

To ensure the exceptional performance of the HPC is optimised, PT offer specially designed mounting accessories.

The HPC has formal approval in many countries for both capacities. It has a three-year warranty and is supplied individually packed with a detailed accuracy certificate traceable by serial number.


HPC Load Cell
videoHPC - Introducing the HPC compression load cell.

Pdf_icon HPC Datasheet
Product Brochure and Specifications
Nominal Capacity 30t and 45t
Signal output at capacity 2mV/V ± 0.1%
Linearity Error < 0.020% FSO
Non-Repeatability < 0.010% FSO
Combined Error < 0.023% FSO
Hysteresis < 0.017% FSO
Creep/Zero Return(30 mins) < 0.023% / 0.017% FSO
Zero Balance < 1.000% Capacity
Temperature Effect On Span/10ºC < 0.010% FSO
Temperature Effect on Zero/10ºC < 0.015% FSO
Compensated Temperature Range -10 ~ 50°C
Operating Temperature Range -30 ~ 65°C
Service Load 100% of Rated Capacity
Safe Load 150% of Rated Capacity
Excitation +ve RED
Signal +ve GREEN
Sense +ve BROWN
Ultimate Load 300% of Rated Capacity
Input Resistance 750Ω ± 10Ω
Output Resistance 704Ω Matched ± 0.2Ω
Insulation Resistance (bdg to grd) > 5000 MΩ at 50V DC
Excitation Voltage (Rec) 5 ~ 18V AC/DC
Excitation Voltage (Max) 20V AC/DC
Tilt (Max. Transverse Displ 15mm
Power Surge Arrestors Fitted as standard
Storage Temperature Range -50 ~ 65°C
Cable Type 7.5mm, Braid Screen, PUR sheath, 6-Core x 0.24mm² (24 AWG)
Cable Length 12 Metres
Net Weight 3.75kg
Material Stainless Steel
Excitation -ve BLACK
Signal -ve WHITE
Sense -ve BLUE
HPC Model
(Due to PT’s policy of continuous development, specifications and products offered are subject to change without notice.)
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HPC Load Cell
videoHPC - Introducing the HPC compression load cell.
HPC-30 Compression 30000kg capacity
HPM030TS000EUA - Compression NMI
HPC-30 Compression 30000kg capacity
HPM030TS000XXX - Compression
HPC-30 Compression 30,000kg capacity
HPM030TS0C1NS1 - NSC S412 20M Cable
HPC-45 Compression 45000kg capacity
HPM045TS000EUA - Compression NMI
HPC-45 Compression 45000kg
HPM045TS000XXX - Compression
HPC-45 45,000kg Capacity
HPM045TS0C1NS1 - NSC S412 20M Cable
HPC-100k 100,000lb capacity
HPP001MS03LUSA - NTEP Approved
HPC-50k 50000lb capacity
HPP50KBS03LUSA - NTEP Approved
HPC-60k 60000lb capacity
HPP60KBS03LUSA - NTEP Approved