LCBB Bending Beam 10kg - Bending Beam - LCBB

LBB0010S000XXX - IP68 Stainless Steel

Large 780e102ec7
Low cost sealed stainless steel bending beam

The LCBB is a precision bending beam constructed in stainless steel with a fully sealed stainless steel bellows for super accuracy and maximum protection. Supplied in a wide choice of capacities from 5kg to 500kg in 9 different models all supplied with 3m of cable.

O.E.M quantity discounts apply to all models.

Accessories for this item

Tiny Ten/comp Adaptors 5-250kg
M-P8A - Used on PT8000 & LCBB
Tiny 5147a726f1 Suspension Mnt 5-250
M-P8H-F - Used on PT8000 & LCBB
Tiny Suspension Mnt 5-250
M-P8H-M - Used on PT8000 & LCBB
Tiny 8d095dba86 Standard Mount 5-250kg
M-P8S - Used on PT8000 & LCBB
Tiny 4820ea81ee Restraining Mount 5-250kg
M-P8R - Used on PT8000 & LCBB

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