Bending Beam 100kg capacity for platform scales - Stainless Bending Beam - PT8000

80M0100S000XXX - IP68 Stainless Steel

The PT8000 100kg is a stainless steel bending beam load cell with welded construction sealed to IP68. Uniquely designed, the sensor allows for superior bellows operation through its full measurement cycle, providing longlife protection and accuracy.

Ideal for harsh environments and high wash down areas, PT8000 is widely used in food and marine industries. Common installations include belt weighing as well as weighing and packaging machines.

The industry standard size and shape allows for replacing many bending beam models. It has less than 0.4mm deflection at full load, a safe loading of 150% and an ultimate load of 300%.

Ideal for spare parts or matching an existing PT8000 weigh system as this model is no longer being produced. Limited capacities and quantities available. We recommend the LCBB for new installations.

In addition to its compact footprint (typical across all eight capacities), PT8000 has a great range of mounting accessories to optimise performance and extend the life of the load cell.

Accessories for this item

Ten/Comp Adaptors, 5~250kgt Capacity
M-P8A - Used on PT8000 & LCBB
Suspensionb Mount, 5~250 Capacity
M-P8H-F - Used on PT8000 & LCBB
Suspension Mount, 5~250 Capacity
M-P8H-M - Used on PT8000 & LCBB
Standard Mount, 5-250kg Capacity
M-P8S - Used on PT8000 & LCBB
Restraining Mount, 5-250kg Capacity
M-P8R - Used on PT8000 & LCBB
Load Button 16mm OD
A-LB16 - Used on PT8000 & LCBB
Load Socket 20mm OD
A-LS20 - Used on various
Rod End Bearing 5/16
A-RE0.3125NN - Used on PT8000
Swivel Foot M8 Stainless
A-SFM8 - Premium Performance

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