Weigh Bridge Load Cells

10t to 50t. HPC and PT9010WA

Weighbridge Load Cells also commonly known as truck scale load cells and are designed for truck and rail scales. Multiple load cells are used in each installation. Our range includes alloy tool steel and stainless steel offered with environmental ratings up to IP68 suitable for demanding situations where water and dirt are common. All Load Cells can be supplied individually or combined with our state of the art instrumentation for a complete weigh system.

Sub Categories

Weighbridge Compression IP68 - HPC

(30t and 45t Stainless Steel IP68) Weighbridge Load Cell

Weighbridge Compression IP67 - HPC

(30t and 45t Stainless Steel IP67) Weighbridge Load Cell

Other Weighbridge Loadcells

Other load cells offered by PT for Weighbridge Applications