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CSC Assemblies Loadcell

Assemblies perfect for mounting the CSC in tank and silo weighing applications.

The Type 1 mounting provides restraint in one direction, no uplift, and when used with 3 or 4 to a vessel can provide limited restraint.
The Type 2 mount provides a superior degree of side and uplift restraint.
The type 3 mount has no restraint and is optimum where the tank or silo is already restrained.

Mounting Kit, 0.5~30t Capacity
M-CSC1-30 - For 0.5t~30t
Mounting Kit, 40~50t Capacity
M-CSC1-50 - For 40t~50t
Mounting Kit, 40~50t Capacity
M-CSC2-50 - For 40t~50t
Mounting Kit, 0.5~30t Capacity
M-CSC2-30 - For 0.5t~30t
M-CSC3-30 Mounting Kit
M-CSC3-30 - For 0.5t~30t
Mounting Kit, 40~50t Capacity
M-CSC3-50 - For 40t~50t