PT100SSB-8N S/S Junction Box

Stainless steel 8 way summing box with lightning protection ideal for weighbridges. SKU: EP100SSB008651
The PT100SSB-8N is a robust stainless steel load cell junction box sealed to IP67 with adjustments for each load cell to enable corner matching and with lightning protection diodes. The summing box also has jumpers to bypass the adjustments where vCal of the digitising instrument is required. The eight load cell glands and the gland for the digitizer cable all accept a 4.5mm to 8mm diameter cable. The summing box is easily mounted sized at 253mm x 172mm x 46mm high providing easy access to internal connections and adjustments, making it ideal for weighbridges and large multi-legged silos.

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Tiny preview of Load Cell Cable 10 metre Load Cell Cable 10 metre
A-6C7.5-0010 - Load Cell Cable
Tiny preview of Load Cell Cable 50 metre Load Cell Cable 50 metre
A-6C7.5-0050 - Load Cell Cable
Tiny preview of Load Cell Cable 100 metre Load Cell Cable 100 metre
A-6C7.5-0100 - Load Cell Cable

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