Summer & Junction Boxes - PT100SB

Pdf_icon PT100SSB Datasheet
Product Brochure and Specifications
Tiny preview of PT100SSB-4N S/S Junction Box PT100SSB-4N S/S Junction Box
EP100SSB004672 - Stainless steel 4 way summing box for normal structures.
Tiny preview of PT100SSB-4T S/S Junction Box PT100SSB-4T S/S Junction Box
EP100SSB004671 - Compact 4 way stainless steel summing box Ideal for Tanks/Hoppers.
Tiny preview of PT100SSB-4P S/S Junction Box PT100SSB-4P S/S Junction Box
EP100SSB004673 - Compact 4 Way stainless steel summing box ideal for platforms.
PT100SSB-8N S/S Junction Box
EP100SSB008651 - Stainless steel 8 way summing box with lightning protection ideal for weighbridges.
Tiny preview of PT100SBE-4 IP67 Aluminum PT100SBE-4 IP67 Aluminum
EP100SBE004XXX - 4 Way Adj Excitation Trim
Tiny preview of PT100SB-4 PT100SB-4
EP100SB0004XXX - 4 Way Summer Box
Tiny preview of PT100SB-6 PT100SB-6
EP100SB0006XXX - 6 Way Summer Box
Tiny preview of PT100SB-8 PT100SB-8
EP100SB0008XXX - 8 Way Summer Box