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Load Cell Transmitter SKU: EP100LC0000XXX
PT100LC product image

The PT100LC is a basic load cell conditioner with pre-set filtering and analogue output. It is easily mounted in control cabinets and connected to equipment with analogue input.

Power Supply
  : 24 V DC or AC +/- 10%
Power Consumption
  : 5.2 VA (max)
Load Cell Type
  : All Strain Gauge Types, up to 4x 350Ω.
Input Sensitivity
  : 1.5 or 3.5 mV/V full scale
  : 0~10 V (load resistance > 4k ohm)
  : 4~20 mA (load resistance < 550 ohm)
  : 0~20 mA (load resistance < 550 ohm)
  : Within 0.05% of full scale
Zero Adjustment
  : 0~80 %, coarse and fine, maximum nullification 20 mV
Span Adjustment
  : 100~20 %, coarse and fine.
  : 75 mm x 75 mm x 55 mm (H). DIN rail mount.
Operating Environment
  : -5 Deg. C to 60 Deg. C, 90 % non-condensing
Load Cell Excitation Supply
  : 10 V DC
  : 150 g (Approximate)

Pdf_icon PT100LC Datasheet
Product Brochure and Specifications

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