LCSST 'S'Type 2000kg - Stainless 'S' Type Loadcell - LCSST

LST2000S000XXX - Stainless Steel

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Low cost sealed stainless steel S-Type

The LCSST is a compact stainless steel S-Type load cell, it is sealed to IP 67 in a fully stainless steel welding process. Ideal for harsher environments where sealed stainless option is preferred. Supplied with a wide choice of capacities from 500kg to 7500kg all with metric threads and generous cable length.

O.E.M. quantity discounts apply to all models.

Accessories for this item

Tiny ca34b8bc13 Load Button M20 thread
A-LBM20 - Used on PT4000-2000kg
Tiny 066fd248f1 Rod End M20 thread
A-REM20N - Used on PT4000-2000kg

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