HCSS - 12t cpacity - Suspension Shackle, High Capacity - HCSS

HCSS012TS000XX - HCSS-12t load cell

The HCSS load shackle range from PT weighing systems is a superb range for suspension weighing and for measuring tension is cables and anchorages. The SLSP is fitted to a Hi-Load shackle with sleeve and anti-rotation plate. Available in weighing capacities 6.5t, 12t, 25t and 55t, all with industry standard shackles and high safe load the HCSS comes complete with mating connector, requiring only the addition of cable and a display.

In addition the HCSS Features:
  • Fully sealed IP67 stainless steel load cell
  • Galvanized high-load shackle
  • Ideal for cranes, barges, sea anchors, load testing
  • Fully assembled, ready to install

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