Special Purpose and Shackle Pins

5t-200t, PT9011OVL, SLSP, HCSS

Load Pins also referred to as shackle load pins are used for special purpose weighing applications. PT Limited offer a selection of load pins suitable for standard lifting shackles for suspended weighing installations. We also offer custom design options to suit a range of applications including but not limited to pulley shaft monitoring and wire tensioning machinery. All load pins can be supplied individually or combined with our state of the art instrumentation for a complete weigh system.

Sub Categories

Load & Shackle Pins

6.5t to 55t SLSP + Custom Designs

Suspension Shackle, High Capacity - HCSS

High Capacity Suspension Shackle (6.5t, 12t, 25t, 55t)

Onboard Vehicle Loadcell - PT9011OVL

(15t) For Onboard truck, trailer applications