PT320BC Batch Controller - Weigh Batching Controller - PT320BC

EP320BC0000XXX -

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The PT320BC a feature packed batching controller!

  • Compact panel mount 196W x 48H x 162L (1/4din)
  • 4 component single bin
  • Built in serial communications
  • Higher A/D conversion rate
  • Higher display resolution
  • Integrated weight and setpoint controller
  • The batching result can be held by function setting
  • Start condition is programmable by function setting
  • Automatic tare is programmable by function setting
  • Tare check cycle is programmable by function setting
  • Compare inhibit timer separated from coarse fine interchange
  • Re-batch is possible when actual batched value is less than setpoint
  • Dual display, gross and net simultaneously
  • Complete material batching function
  • Front panel entry of setpoints
  • Setpoint saved during power down
  • Discharge control provided
  • Out of tolerance checking
  • Batch report printout info
  • Data setting through RS232/485
  • Automatic zero on power up possible
  • Functions software programmable
  • Digital software calibration
  • Easy access rear plug connectors
  • Dribble flow control for more accurate batching
  • Coarse feed, fine feed and free fall compensation
  • Automatic multiple re-batching for high volumes
  • Accessories for this item

    Tiny 0a68fa2233 4-20mA Option
    EO220MIOP4X420 - Used on PT200MI, PT320BC
    Tiny 2298a80055 0-5V Option
    EO220MIOP5X10V - Used on PT200MI, PT320BC

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