PT8000-5kg Bending Beam - Stainless Bending Beam - PT8000

80M0005S000XXX - IP68 Stainless Steel

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PT8000 PT8 PT8

Super sealed stainless steel (IP68 sealed) Bending Beam

Popular industry standard stainless steel bending beam. Supplied in capacities from 5kg to 500kg. Suitable for wash down and harsh environments it is widely used in the food and marine industries. The industry standard size and shape allows for replacing many bending beam models. Used extensively in Belt Weighing, Weighing & Packaging Machines.

Accessories for this item

Tiny Ten/comp Adaptors 5-250kg
M-P8A - Used on PT8000 & LCBB
Tiny 5147a726f1 Suspension Mnt 5-250
M-P8H-F - Used on PT8000 & LCBB
Tiny Suspension Mnt 5-250
M-P8H-M - Used on PT8000 & LCBB
Tiny 8d095dba86 Standard Mount 5-250kg
M-P8S - Used on PT8000 & LCBB
Tiny 4820ea81ee Restraining Mount 5-250kg
M-P8R - Used on PT8000 & LCBB