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PT630 Advanced Digital Indicator

EU Mains Plug SKU: EP630WM00EUXXX
PT630 Advanced Digital Indicator product image
PT630 Advanced Indicator with cables exiting from the front, fitted with EU mains plug and cable. Although targeted for mounting on a wall the PT630WM can be mounted on a desk or column with optional mounting brackets. The PT630 can be system integrated with a wide range of fieldbus protocols and has built in filling, check weighing and classifying APPS (requires an option with DI/O).

Accessories for this item

Adjustable 2D wall mount kit
EO6XOPTX2DWMNT - for the PT610, PT620 and PT630
PT610/20/30 Wall kit
EO6XOPTXWALMNT - PT610/20/30 Wall kit
PT610/20/30 Column Mount kit
EO6XOPTXCOLMNT - PT610/20/30 Column Mount kit
PT610/20/30 Alibi option
EO6XOPTXALIBIX - PT610/20/30 Alibi option
PT610/20/30 Digital I/O option
EO6XOPTXDIOXXX - PT610/20/30 Digital I/O option
PT610/20/30 Analogue option
EO6XOPTXANAXXX - PT610/20/30 Analogue option
PT610/30 Modbus option
EO6XOPTXMODBUS - PT610/30 Modbus option
PT610 Ethernet TCP/IP
PT610/30 Ethernet IP
EO6XOPTXETHIPX - PT610/30 Ethernet IP
PT610/30 PROFIBUS Option
PT610/30 PROFINET Option
PT610/30 CANopen option
EO6XOPTXCANXXX - PT610/30 CANopen option
PT610/30 CC-Link option
EO6XOPTXCCLINK - PT610/30 CC-Link option
PT610/30 EtherCAT Option
EO6XOPTXETHCAT - PT610/30 EtherCAT Option
PT610/30 PowerLink Option
EO6XOPTXPOWLNK - PT610/30 PowerLink Option
PT630 Second scale option
EO6XOPTXSCALE2 - PT630 Second scale option
PT610/20/30 USB Cable 3mt
A-CAB-SER-USB - USB cable with gland