Standard PT620 Desk Mount - PT620 Advanced Indicator

EP620DM00USXXX - US Mains Plug

Desk mount version of the advanced PT620 series. This has a sloping display panel with the cables to the rear but it can also be mounted on the wall or pole brackets.

Accessories for this item

PT610/20/30 2D Wall Kit
EO6XOPTX2DWMNT - for the PT610, PT620 and PT630
PT610/20/30 Wall kit
EO6XOPTXWALMNT - PT610/20/30 Wall kit
PT610/20/30 Column Mount kit
EO6XOPTXCOLMNT - PT610/20/30 Column Mount kit
PT610/20/30 Alibi option
EO6XOPTXALIBIX - PT610/20/30 Alibi option
PT610/20/30 Digital I/O option
EO6XOPTXDIOXXX - PT610/20/30 Digital I/O option
PT610/20/30 Analogue option
EO6XOPTXANAXXX - PT610/20/30 Analogue option