PT610 Advanced Digital Indicator

UK Mains Plug SKU: EP610DM00UKXXX
PT610 Advanced Digital Indicator product image
PT610 Advanced Indicator with cables exiting from the back, fitted with UK mains plug and cable. The sloping front panel and rubber feet are ideal for mounting on a desk but the PT610DM can be mounted on a wall. desk or column with optional mounting brackets.

Accessories for this item

Tiny preview of Adjustable 2D wall mount kit Adjustable 2D wall mount kit
EO6XOPTX2DWMNT - for the PT610, PT620 and PT630
Tiny preview of PT610/20/30 Wall kit PT610/20/30 Wall kit
EO6XOPTXWALMNT - PT610/20/30 Wall kit
PT610/20/30 Column Mount kit
EO6XOPTXCOLMNT - PT610/20/30 Column Mount kit
PT610/20/30 Alibi option
EO6XOPTXALIBIX - PT610/20/30 Alibi option
PT610/20/30 Digital I/O option
EO6XOPTXDIOXXX - PT610/20/30 Digital I/O option
PT610/20/30 Analogue option
EO6XOPTXANAXXX - PT610/20/30 Analogue option
PT610/30 Modbus option
EO6XOPTXMODBUS - PT610/30 Modbus option
PT610/30 Ethernet IP
EO6XOPTXETHIPX - PT610/30 Ethernet IP
PT610/30 PROFIBUS Option
PT610/30 PROFINET Option
PT610/30 CANopen option
EO6XOPTXCANXXX - PT610/30 CANopen option
PT610/30 CC-Link option
EO6XOPTXCCLINK - PT610/30 CC-Link option
PT610/30 EtherCAT Option
EO6XOPTXETHCAT - PT610/30 EtherCAT Option
PT610/30 PowerLink Option
EO6XOPTXPOWLNK - PT610/30 PowerLink Option
PT610/20/30 USB Cable 3mt
A-CAB-SER-USB - USB cable with gland