PT321 Series Filling Controller

Filling controller with 8 filling modes.

The PT321 is a smart controller for industrial weigh filling applications, offering 7 filling modes, powerful PLC integration facilities, standard serial ports (RS-232C, RS-485), Modbus and other optional fieldbus protocols.

The PT321 series is approved by Weights & Measures Authorities for use in Accuracy Class III applications with 10000 scale intervals in accordance with OIML R76.

Powerful calibration options including vCal (Electronic calibration without test weights) which supports fast easy setup and service. The PT321 features adaptive filtering for fast settling, high display resolution and a speed of up to 1600 conversions per second.

It’s small sized aluminum body is perfect for panel installations, providing a big display and requiring little space on control panels. The instrument has a stainless steel front for use in harsh environments.

Tiny preview of PT321MB modbus PT321MB modbus
EP321MB0000XXX - Filling Controller