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Announcement: PT at COVID level 4. As a registered essential supplier PT are open for ordering and most of our products are ready to ship.

Product Video

Video of PT products
ACCUPOINT Weigh Module
videoACCUPOINT - Introducing the Accupoint
PT4000 Load Cell
videoPT4000 - Introducing the PT4000
PT5000 Load Cell
videoPT5000 - Introducing the PT5000
LPX Load Cell
videoLPX - Introducing the LPX
AST Load Cell
videoAST - Introducing the AST tension/compression load cell.
HPC Load Cell
videoHPC - Introducing the HPC compression load cell.
LS Load Cell
videoLS - Introducing the LS shear beam load cell
OptoLink setup and use
videoOptoLink - Video on how to use and setup an Opto Link Data Cable
Sheabeam mounts & Accessories
videoShearbeamMountAccessory - Brief introduction to mounts and accessories for shear beams
PT9011OVL On Board Loadcell
videoPT9011OVL - Introducing the PT9011OVL