PT200R - Superseded Products

PT200R - PT200R Indicator

The PT200R basic indicator has been superseded. For desktop mounting consider the PT252, PT253or PT272
. For panel mounting consider the PT200MB or PT210
PT also have a range of more advanced indicators and transmitters.

Popular related products

PT252 General Purpose (0-15t)
EP252DI00AUXXX - Weighing Indicator AU
PT252 General Purpose (0-15t)
EP252DI00EUXXX - Weighing Indicator EU
PT252 General Purpose (0-15t)
EP252DI00UKXXX - Weighing Indicator UK
PT252 General Purpose (0-15t)
EP252DI00USXXX - Weighing Indicator USA
PT253 General Purpose (S/S 0-15t)
EP253DI00AUXXX - Weighing Indicator AU
PT253 General Purpose (S/S 0-15t)
EP253DI00EUXXX - Weighing Indicator EU
PT253 General Purpose (S/S 0-15t)
EP253DI00UKXXX - Weighing Indicator UK
PT253 General Purpose (S/S 0-15t)
EP253DI00USXXX - Weighing Indicator USA
PT272 S/S Weighing Ind AU
EP272DI00AUXXX - AU Mains Plug
PT272 S/S Weighing Ind EU
EP272DI00EUXXX - EU Mains Plug
PT272 S/S Weighing Ind UK
EP272DI00UKXXX - UK Mains Plug
PT272 S/S Weighing Ind US
EP272DI00USXXX - US Mains Plug
PT200MB Panel Mount
EP200MB0000XXX - RS-232C, RS-485, Modbus
PT210MB Panel Mount
EP210MB0000XXX - Modbus RTU
PT210AN Panel Mount
EP210AN0000XXX - Analogue Output
PT210EN Panel Mount
EP210EN0000XXX - Ethernet TCP/IP
PT210PN Panel Mount
PT210PB Panel Mount
PT210EI Panel Mount
PT210CO Panel Mount
EP210CO0000XXX - CANopen