WS4 30kg Platform Scale - Stainless Washdown Platform Scale - WS4

J07030030M6WXX - IP66 Stainless Steel

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Designed from top to bottom to provide for years of trouble free use, the PT WS4 platform scale is a perfect answer to your sealed stainless steel constructed precision weighing scale. Available in five different capacities: 6kg, 15kg, 30kg, 75kg, 150kg. This workhorse of a platform scale will meet many demanding weighing applications. Large easy to see wipe down digital display with a generous weigh platform.

IP66 waterproof indicator and platform

Auto calibration; Full range tare; Auto zero tracking

Kilogram (kg) and pound (lb) weighing modes

Large LCD display with adjustable LED back light

Simple counting; Gross/Net indication

Auto function; Animal scale function

Hold function; Check mode Lo/Hi/OK

Adjustable gravity compensation for locality

Low power indication and adjustable Auto power off

Built in RS-232C or Serial printer output