PT100DI digital Indicator - Value Digital Weighing Indicator - PT100DI

EP100DI0000XXX - Mains

Large 1f91277124

The PT100DI Digital Weight Indicator, superb performance, exceptional value.

This model is mains or standard dry cell battery powered

Download its brochure from the link below.

Accessories for this item

Tiny 89d1c62ff8 RS232 Option for PT100DI
EO100DIOP1X232 -
Tiny 374e5e99cb AC/DC Adapter-AU PT100DI
EOTA0000000014 - 9V/1.0A 240V
Tiny 374e5e99cb Power Adaptor for PT100DI
EOTA0000000024 - and WS1 9V/1.0A-AUS

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