Test Weight 500gm M1 - Test Weights

CITW0500GMBCM1 - Bottom Cavity

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Solid dependable chip resistant quality test weights for general day to day test and calibration work. Used and relied upon by weighing engineers the world over, PT has selected the most popular range of test weights used in the weighing industry. Models are bottom cavity adjustable as preferred by the industry, where this is not the case it is stated.

Should you have a requirement for other weights or shapes please email us, we only show a small section of our test masses in this general test weights area.

  • Durable Cast Iron.
  • Sealed with heat cured epoxy coating.
  • Painted with durable black polyurethane coating.
  • M1 accuracy for Weights intended for use in the verification or calibration of class M2 weights, and for use with
    weighing instruments of medium accuracy class III.
  • OIML R111 compliant.