Privacy Statement

To allay any concerns about privacy, we at PT want you to know how our site works and what happens to the information we obtain from it.

Our web site is a virtual site hosted by an ISP (Internet Service Provider). Our ISP records the domain names of site visitors only. We do not obtain/retain email addresses from visitors. We do not issue `cookies’ (browser targeting device) or gather IP addresses. ISP information defines for us site activity, i.e., how many visitors we receive on a weekly basis, what pages they visit, and what pages are visited most frequently. This information allows us to evaluate the effectiveness of our site and determine whether or not the information presented is meeting your needs.

When you voluntarily register your name with us to receive information about our range of products this information is added to our corporate customer/prospect database. We use the information to fulfill your request and be sure that we have served you to the best of our ability. Please enjoy the site, get the information you need, and visit often. Rest assured that the information you leave with us will not be compromised in any way.

The Directors PT Limited.