At PT Limited we design and engineer measurement solutions for the weighing industry worldwide.

From PT owned plants in New Zealand, Australia and China we have been serving the weighing industry for over 30 years, formerly known as Precision Transducers the company changed its name in 2002 to PT, a shortened version of our old name and one which has become synonymous with high quality weighing measurement equipment. 

Our web site is an interesting one in that once entered into our main site you have simple fast navigation to all our products and pick and select additional info actually at the model page you have selected. In addition to our fast navigation interface is a nice feature which shows all the options or accessories which are available for the specific model you have called up, this saves time and assures you that you have not missed a possible combination. Added to this is a powerful search engine which allows you to find what you want fast.

In addition to our well known transducer sensors we manufacture and supply a wide range of devices from custom made load measurement pins and purpose-built strain gauge solutions.

Multiple finished goods stores are monitored and stocked by a state of the art inventory system. Backed by a carefully planned manufacturing process to ensure we have what our customers need in the right place at the right time. If you are looking for high quality weighing equipment direct from an ISO 9000 certified world class manufacturer, you need look no further, select what you would like from our range and test us on quality, delivery and price we are sure we will meet and exceed your expectations.